Press Releases

  • Parker-O'Grady on EEA Retaliation Allegations

    Southampton, MA - Since I first took out nomination papers for the State Senate seat in the Second Hampden and Hampshire District, my fiancée has faced threats and retaliation in her job at the Massachusetts Environmental Police, which is under the auspices of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.  I am extremely proud of my fiancée for her steadfast courage in facing the daily innuendoes, uncertainties, and even threats concerning a job to which she was committed.

    Neither my fiancée nor I asked for any of this situation, but she fully supports me in my determination to face this situation head on and not allow the heavy-handed tactics that the Republicans have engaged in to bully me into dropping out of the race.  The Republican Party does not own this seat.  It belongs to the people of the District.

  • Humason Bill Attempts to Exempt the Entire Gun Industry from Consumer Protection Oversight

    July 27 – As a candidate for the State Senate and as a citizen of the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire District, it is imperative for me to attempt to clarify the controversy that has arisen over Attorney General Healy’s decision to outlaw so called “copycat” assault weapons.  While the guns banned under the new interpretation may have been exploiting a loophole and therefore should likely be prohibited from sale in the Commonwealth, it concerns me that this shift was made with neither public comment nor legislative input. Attorney General Healey may have properly exercised her power under the statute, but this change was a surprise to firearm dealers and law-abiding gun owners who had been operating under a consistent interpretation of the assault weapon ban since its passage.

  • Jerome Parker-O’Grady Announces Run for State Senate

    April 5 – Longtime Southampton resident, Jerome (J.D.) Parker-O’Grady announces his candidacy for the Massachusetts State Senate, Second Hampden and Hampshire District. Parker-O’Grady is currently completing his law degree from Northeastern University, which encourages student employment throughout their studies. He recently concluded a judicial internship for United State District Court Judge Timothy S. Hillman.